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Nauticah is an American Entrepreneur, Singer, Influencer, and Mother. Born in North Carolina to a family of West African, Jamaican, and Irish descent, Nauticah was privy to a diverse range of influences that has had a huge impact on the person she is today and cites Tina Turner, Madonna, and Janet Jackson as inspirations. At a young age, Nauticah began singing, dancing, and acting in local theater plays. While in high school, Byers competed in pageants and accumulated multiple accolades that led to her popularity; such as, Homecoming Queen, Vice President, and Cheerleading Captain. With an interest in business, Nauticah attended a local community college after graduating high school and has continued to be a positive influence on girls with hopes of being their own boss. Nauticah moved to Georgia shortly after to pursue a career in entertainment and begin an internship at Quality Control Music, while working as an assistant for the likes of Socialite, Venita Mccullom, better known as mother of superstar, Lil Yachty. Pulling from a passion for performing and years of singing, Nauticah continued to find herself in music by releasing her first single, "COCA," featuring Dababy's BDB artist, Rich Dunk, followed by a project titled, "Nauti, If Ya Nasty." With a melodic flow and edgy appearance, the Coastal artist turned to music as a form of self-expression, elevating into the daring and distinctive young mother, artist, and businesswoman she is today.

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